Superb Tibetan ring adorned with a turquoise

This Superb Tibetan ring adorned with a turquoise is a fully chiseled ring, encrusted with decorations and embellished with a silk flower motif on each side of the stone. It is made of copper alloy, also called ancient Tibetan silver and enhanced with a genuine Turquoise stone.

Turquoise is a semi-precious stone that has many beneficial properties and widely recognized therapeutic virtues, particularly in lithotherapy, the art of healing with stones. It helps to have a better vision of oneself by fighting shyness and improving self-confidence. It participates in personal development. It offers protection against panic attacks and negative disorders by encouraging inner calm, as well as against pollutants present in the environment and electromagnetic energies. It promotes inventiveness and encourages romantic feelings for lovers.

This Superb Tibetan ring adorned with a real turquoise is open to fit easily on any size finger. It is a very beautiful creation made by hand by craftsmen from Tibet, which makes it an exceptional piece.

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