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Zafu of meditation 3 fire colors

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Diameter and thickness:Diameter 35 cm - Thickness 19 cm
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This very comfortable large cushion, called Zafu which means "seat", is traditionally used for meditation or for yoga. Although it originates from China, our 3 fire-coloured Meditation Zafu is a totally French creation made by hand in an artisanal way by artisans from the Jura.

The main advantage of the Zafu is that it allows you to have a perfectly stable sitting position in order to achieve maximum concentration by releasing abdominal breathing with an open stomach and a straight back. This position is the most suitable for a good meditation. After trying this posture, you will see the positive benefits.

Our meditation Zafu 3 colors fire , equipped with a carrying handle, is available in two versions, travel in 30 cm in diameter or traditional in diameter of 35 cm. It is made of cotton canvas filled with natural kapok fibers. The particularity of this fiber comes from the fact that it is produced by the "epidermis" of a fruit growing on tropical trees of the Bombacaceae family.

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