7 Chakra Rooting Bracelet.

When you wear the appropriate stones, you offer your 7 chakras the possibility of rebalancing more easily. Each stone bringing its help in order to better harmonize their energies or to restore them if they are really bad posture. This 7 chakras rooting bracelet allows you to fulfill this function, because each natural stone is selected by its color corresponding to each of the chakras, while being a superb jewel on your wrist.

The stones that make up this 7 Chakra Rooting Bracelet will have a rapid impact on your inner balance and well-being at all levels by acting directly on your spiritual and vital energy continuously. Designed with a diameter of 20 cm, it fits all wrists. Silver metal beads have been associated to make it even more beautiful.

Remember to do good for your chakras, and therefore for yourself, by wearing this very beautiful 7 chakra rooting bracelet which will only provide you with benefits to improve your well-being on a daily basis in addition to being elegant to your wrist. Treat yourself to this unique bracelet whose stock is limited by clicking on "Add to cart" now. It doesn't exist in stores, don't miss it!

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