Tiger eye “protection” bracelet

Stone diameter:

This superb "Protection" Tiger Eye Bracelet is made of high quality stones. The properties of this superb stone are very widely recognized and have been amply proven for a long time. Tiger's eye is a so-called protective stone, widely used in lithotherapy and meditation. It balances the inner energies while keeping the surrounding external energies at a distance.

Tiger's eye is a stone that balances yin and yang by retaining only the positive vibes of the person who wears it. It improves concentration, calms all forms of fear, dispels restlessness and depression and raises consciousness. It amplifies intuition, promotes courage, aids healing and participates in the development of the mind.

This Tiger's Eye "Protection" Bracelet will only bring you benefits by keeping negative and harmful energies away from you to protect yourself. Your concentration will be significantly improved, your fears will dissipate and you will find an inner balance, which will make you gain serenity on a daily basis.

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Features :
Length: 18 to 20 cm (elastic)
Bead diameter: 16mm, 14mm, 12mm, 10mm, 8mm or 6mm
Material: 5A Grade Tiger Eye

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